The principle of this indicator is to notify you when a rising temperature is exceeded, by taking under consideration the accumulation of the passing time.

Its small size allows it application in cartons, box of medicine, pouches etc.
All anomalies are indicated you immediately and irreversibly.


  • Economic
  • Manual activation
  • Self-adhesive
  • Small footprint
  • Storage without special conditions

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References Triggering Temperature Dimensions
Antemp -17°C If temperature > -17°C 60x23x4 mm
Antemp -13/-14°C If temperature > -13/-14°C
Antemp 2/3°C If temperature > 2/3°C
Antemp 4°C If temperature > 4°C
Antemp 5/6°C If temperature > 5/6°C
Antemp 8°C If temperature > 8°C
Antemp 11/12°C If temperature > 11/12°C
Antemp 19/20°C If temperature > 19/20°C
Antemp +25°C If temperature > 25°C
Antemp 30°C If temperature >  30°C
On demande Your Temperature